Luxafor USB LED Busy Light Luxafor LED Workplace Availability Light


What is Luxafor?

Luxafor is a series of productivity tools that makes it easy to stay focused on tasks at hand. Notify your co-workers when you're immersed in work and can't be bothered, and allow them to approach you when you are available.

Sold color

Solid color

Use the pre-set colors or create custom colors

Adjust brightness to your needs



Receive alerts about incoming information

Available in more than 15 patterns



Set times when you can’t be disturbed and when you’re available

Schedule your tasks

(Currently only available for Windows. Coming soon for Mac)



Use the world’s most popular productivity method with Luxafor

Customize modes to align work/break periods according to your own pace


Skype for Business

Integrate your Skype for Business into Luxafor

Colors change according to your status - or vice versa

Productivity apps

Productivity apps

Connect Luxafor with a time tracking app

It will change colors automatically according to your set-up

Hot Keys

Hot Keys

Define hot keys for quick use of Luxafor functions

Make Luxafor work exactly the way you want

Open source

Open source

Integrate Luxafor with your favorite applications

Slack, IFTTT, Trello and many more - with limitless possibilities

Model Types

Lux-05  USB LED Workplace Availability Indicator, .5 meter cable
Lux-15 USB LED Workplace Availablitity InDicator, 1.5 meter cable


  • Less interruptions | Show your co-workers when you should not be disturbed
  • Improved focus | Avoid disruptive chit-chat that messes up your focus
  • Higher productivity | Increase your efficiency, saving time on useless conversations
  • Maintains concentration when working on Key Projects, Design or Coding Applications
  • Studies show that it takes 24 minues to refocus your full concentration when interupted 


  • Red, Green and White LED Indicators with USB cable connects to your Mac or PC
  • Desktop PC or MAC tool for changing status 
  • Dimensions: 45 x 14 x 30 (1.77 x 0.55 x 1.18")
  • Weight: ~0.7g (without cable)
  • Light: 6x RGB Leds
  • Consumption: Up to 1W
  • USB powered
  • Charging With a standard micro USB cable
  • Cable Length: 0.5m (20") or 1.5m (~60")

Selectable Modes



   Available - indicates that you're available for conversations
   Do not disturb - indicates that you should not be disturbed
   Auto mode - automatic change of modes if connected with a productivity app
   Active mode - notifies you about incoming emails, calendar reminders and more
   Advanced mode - customized modes that meet your personal preferences

Accessories & Options

  •  Custom logo creation available on bulk orders.

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