Ethernet Data Logging

Signaworks offers ethernet data collection on many of our assemblies, including the ASTL, ADTL, ACTL, BB1, and BB2 Model series. This can be used to track downtime, calculate efficiency, track production, track issue resolution, run reports or track realtime production info on industrial PC's or flatscreen displays throughout the facility. These products can be used in Lean Manfacturing and as Kaizen Event tools. Please contact our engineers to find the perfect solution for your application.

Model Types

ASTL-EN  Ethernet Data Logging Andon Tower Light 
ACTL-EN  Ethernet Data Logging  Cycle Timer
ADTL-EN  Ethernet Data Logging Downtime Monitor
BB1-EN  Ethernet Data Logging 1" Bingo Board
BB2-EN  Ethenet Data Logging 2" Bingo Board


  • Ethernet Logging capability can be added to any light, alarm or system
  • Real time logging of all data on customer supplied
  • Access database supported with easy exporting to Excel and CSV
  • Data collection interval and duration can be easilly adjusted
  • Devices identified by IP address on network can be tracked from PC on same network 

Accessories & Options

  • Graphic display of inputs and outputs 
  • Email and SMS notification on input
  • Free software up to 64 I/O and 1 email address (or SMS)
  • Advanced software with 1024 I/O and 10 email addresses. 
  • Audible alerts can be assigned to inputs

Ordering Information

ordering Examples
ASTL-EN-110-3 3 Light LED Andon Light, Switches, Ethernet Data Logging, 110 VAC Power Cord
ADTL -EN-110-4 4 Light LED Downtime Monitor Light, Ethernet Data Logging, 110 VAC Power Cord 

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