ST80L 80mm LED Tower Light

The ST80L is our large LED Andon Tower Light. It is 80mm in diameter with a sturdy through pole design. The ST80L is suited for use on pieces of equipment, manufacturing floors, assembly areas and laboratories. The 80mm size is useful in areas where more visibility is needed. 

Model Types

ST80L Continuous LED tower light
ST80LF  Continuous and flashing LED tower light
ST80LB  Continuous LED tower light with buzzer (85dB)
ST80LZ  Continuous and flashing LED tower light with buzzer (85dB)


  • Pre-wired pre-assembled with threaded poles and nut
  • Long life, high intensity LED technology
  • Special light refractor spreads light to fill lens
  • Vibration resistant
  • Stackable sections allow changing of color sequence
  • Flashes: 60-80/min
  • Optional audible (85 dB) alarm
  • IP23 rated
  • Standard color sequence: 1:red 2:red-green 3:red-amber-green 4:red-amber-green-blue 5:red-amber-green-blue-white

Accessories & Options

  • Extended pole lengths 3' & 5' available

Ordering Information

cOLORS  red, amber, green, blue, white 
vOLTAGE  12, 24, 110, 220 
eXAMPLE  ST80LF-110-5 [continuous and flashing, 5 lights, 110V, red amber green blue white] 

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12V DC  0.110A  60-80/min 
 24V DC 0.110A  60-80/min 
110V AC  0.080A  60-80/min  
220V AC  0.040A  60-80/min