LED Light w/ 5 Tones & Music

The ST56L-W is our LED Tower Light w/ Melodies and Sounds. This light gives you the ability to have up to 5 unique sounds or melodies to accompany your LED indicators. 

Model Types

 ST56LB LED Tower Light, Pole Mount with Buzzer 
 ST56LWS LED Tower Light, Pole Mount with 5 Warning Sounds
 ST56LWM LED Tower Light, Pole Mount with 5 Melodies
 ST56LWA LED Tower Light, Pole Mount with 5 Alarms


  • 56mm external diameter LED signal tower light of pole mounting type with a built-in sounder.
  • Simultaneously transmitting plural visual/audiblel signals.
  • Product of high brightness which is excellent in transmitting signal from a distance due to widw radiation surface
  • Easy to change,repair and maintain the kit color layer by layer  as the product is connector lens type structure
  • Standard combination of lens color
    1 Layer :  R-Red 
    2 Layers :  R-Red,  G-Green
    3 Layers :  R-Red,  A-Amber,  G-Green
    4 Layers :  R-Red,  A-Amber,  G-Green,  B-Blue
    5 Layers :  R-Red,  A-Amber,  G-Green,  B-Blue,   W-White
  • Material : Lens-AS, Body-ABS, Pole-Aluminum
  • Volume : Max. 85dB/1m 
  • Flashes(Flashing Type) : 60~80/min.
  • Protection Class : IP23

Ordering Information

 Model Type  ST56LB, ST56LWS, ST56LWM, ST56LWA
 Number of Lights  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
 Colors  Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear

Ordering Example:

  • ST56LB-5 (5 light LED, USB with buzzer, pole mount)
  • ST56LWM-3 (3 light LED, USB with 5 melodies, pole mount)

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(WM) - Warning Melody - (Unavailable)

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Sweet Home 
Ch. 2 For Elise 
Ch. 3 Cuckoo's Waltz 
Ch. 4 Piano Sonata 
Ch. 5 Turkish March           

(WS) - Warning Sounds (Standard Item)

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Fire.A-ANG
Ch. 2 Abandon Alarm 
Ch. 3 Machinery Fault 
Ch. 4 High Expansion
Ch. 5 7 Short PI. / 1 Long  

(WA) - Warning Alarm  (Unavailable)

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Beep. intermittent
Ch. 2 Door Chime 
Ch. 3 Phone Ring
Ch. 4 PI.PI.PI. Short
Ch. 5 Tripping Beat