Ex Proof LED Tower Light w/ Buzzer

Model Types

STB45ML-ex Explosion Proof Tower Light 
STB45MLB-EX Explosion Proof Tower Light w/ Buzzer


  • Non-sparking Explosion-proof LED tower light with built-in Buzzer of  Ø45
  • Excellent visibility in long distance by using special reflector that integrates LED light effectively
  • Excellent impact resistance by using PC (Polycarbonate) for body and lens. Especially it provides very excellent stability when using in hazadous area
  • Available to control buzzer volume by adopting volume lever
  • Available at zone 2 as non-sparking product of nR class
  • Material : Lens-PC, Body-PC, Mounting body-AL
  • Volume : Max. 80 dB/m
  • Certificate : NEPSI, KGS
  • Protection type : Ex nR II T4
  • Protection class : IP54
  • Temperature : -20℃ ~ 40℃
  • Standart Light Sequence from 1 > 5 layers of lights (Red > Amber > Green > Blue > Clear)

Ordering Information

Layer  Voltage Current 
 1   AC/DC 12V 0.036A 
AC/DC 24V   0.036A 
 2  AC/DC 12V  0.072A
 AC/DC 24V    0.072A
 3  AC/DC 12V  0.108A 
 AC/DC 24V  0.108A 
 4   AC/DC 12V  0.144A
 AC/DC 24V  0.144A 
 5  AC/DC 12V   0.180A
AC/DC 24V  0.180A 


 VOLTAGE  12, 24
 NUMBER OF LIGHTS  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
 ORDERING EXAMPLE  STB45MLB-24-3 Tower Light w/ buzzer, 24V, 3-light

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