ASTL Andon Light Lean Manufacturing

The ASTL LED Andon Light is a Super Bright LED Tower Light mounted one a sealed enclosure with industrial selector swithes, mounting bracket and an 8 ft. power cord to allow you to mount, plug and go when it arrives.  The 24 super bright LEDs on red and amber lights and 18 larger LEDs on green, blue and white light sections allow visibility across your plant floor in any Lean Manufacturing Environment.

Model Types

ASTL  Continuous LED Andon Light
ASTLB  Continuous LED Andon Light with Audible Alarm
ASTLF  Continuous and Flashing LED Andon Light
astlfo  Flashing Only LED Andon Light
ASTLZ  Continuous and Flashing LED Andon Light with Audible Alarm


  • Our LED design balances cost and maintenance free operation
  • Durable industrial control box is environmentally sealed
  • 8 foot power cord allows easy installation in any location
  • Standard pole length 12 inches with right angle mounting bracket
  • Industrial selector switches used for off/on, on/off/flash or audible functions

Options Through Custom Shop (Contact Us for Info)

  • Any length jacketed cable between andon light and control box
  • 1, 2 and 5 feet and 1 meter pole lengths available. 
  • Assembly can be made with STL, ST80L, ST80S, ST56L or ST2 series andon lights
  • Custom color sequence or assembly can be designed to your application
  • Tripod stand available for portability
  • Cubicle or table mount bracket attaches to cubicle wall or table surface (NT-190)
  • Data Logging available
  • Wireless Inputs or Outputs available for remote signals or data logging


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