Red & Green Dock Bay Door Light Signaling System

The SG Series is our Red/Green Loading Dock Bay Door Light. This signaling system is a large, highly visible indicator for signaling trucks and loading/unloading crews. 

Model Types

SG10 Standard Red/Green Light
SG20 Red/Green Light with flasher, toggle on/off switch
SG30 Set (Includes: 1-SG10 & 1-SG20)


  • Stop & Go Light for directing inside and outside dock door truck traffic.
  • LED cluster or incandescent.
  • Durable polypropylene housing in safety yellow or black.
  • Integrated sun visors for extended visibility and rain/snow protection.
  • Convenient mounting holes for simple installation.
  • Low profile unit depth.
  • Available in 12VDC, 24VDC and 115VAC.
  • UL & cUL Listed
  • Dimensions: 11-3/8" H x 6-3/8" W x 3-3/4" D; 4-1/4" diameter lens.
  • Weight: 2 lbs. per unit.

Accessories & Options

  • Master controller for operating multiple units and loading bays.
  • LED Retrofit Kits: 12v, 24v & 115v (LED12CK, LED24CK, and LED115CK)
  • Replacement bulbs and LED lens assemblies – Call for details.
  • Tripod
  • Battery
  • Loading dock guide lights.
  • Driver warning (aluminum) signs.

Ordering Information

 Model Type  SG10, SG20, SG30
 Voltage  12v, 24v, 115v
 Housing Colors Yellow or Black
 Lens Color  Red/Green Only
 Illumination  Incadescent bulb or LED
 Ordering EXample

SG20B-12RG-LED (single Stop & Go Signal, Black, Flasher & toggle switch, 12v, Red Green LED

SG30-115RG-LED (Stop & go Signal Set, Yellow, 115v, Red/Green LED)

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