SEP/SEE/SEPS Audible Alarms & Strobe

The SEP Series is our standard alarm sounder. This alarm gives you 110dB output in a compact package. It is also available as the SEPS with an integrated xenon beacon. These products are ideal for use in manufacturing, assembly, laboratory and office environments. 

Model Types

 SEP Audible Alarm, 9-28VDC
 SEE AC Base for SEP and SEPS
 SEPS Audible Alarm with Strobe, DC


  • 26 adjustable tones with volume up to 110 dB at 1 meter
  • 2 tones from one alarm with NPN connection
  • 2 base depth: SHORT BASE: 76mm tall IP54 panel mount TALL BASE: 103 mm tall IP65 with PG16 entry
  • Acoustical frequency range for the 26 tones is .4 to 3.0 KHz
  • Temperature range is -10 C to 55 C
  • White ABS plastic (red also available)
  • IP54 with short base or IP65 with tall, surface-mount base
  • CE approved (SEE must use tall base for CE approval)
  • Seperate Audible & Strobe for SEPS inputs
  • Red or Amber lens standard - Blue, Green and Clear available on request 

Accessories & Options

Model  Current-12V  Current-24V 
SEP  8mA  12mA 
SEE   35mA at 240VAC 
SEPS   110mA 68mA 

Ordering Information

 VOLTAGE  024: 9-28 VDC 240: 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
 COLOR (strobe on SEPS only)  Red, Amber
 BASE  26: Short Base (panel mount) 76: Tall Base (surface mount)
 Ordering EXAMPLE

Standard Strobe is Red, add “-A” for Amber

SEP-024-26 (18-28VDC Audible)
SEPS-024-26-A (18-28VDC Audible and Amber StrobeStrobe)
SEPS-012-26 (9-15VDC Audible and Strobe)
SEE-110/240-BASE (100-240VAC Base for SEP & SEPS-024)

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 SEP  8mA 12mA 
 SEPS  110mA   68mA
SEE  35mA at 240VAC  35mA at 240VAC