Rechargeable Battery Strobe

Signaworks provides a broad range of LED Strobe Light and Xenon Flash Tube Strobe Lights with options for Audible Alarm for use in industrial applications as a warning light or signal light. Signaworks also has a full range of Industrial Signal Products, call us for help with your application.

Model Examples

 ABSLP Rechargeable Battery Strobe Light - LP Version 
 ABSLT Rechargeable Battery Strobe Light - LT Version
 ABSRB Rechargeable Battery Strobe Light - RB Version
 ABSEPS Rechargeable Battery Strobe Light & Alarm - SEPS Version
 ABSTL Rechargeable Battery LED Flashing Light - STL Version


  • Strobe mounted on sealed plastic enclosure
  • Rechargeable battery terminals
  • Operating selector switch
  • Carrying handle
  • 12 VDC sealed lead acid battery

Accessories & Options

  • Flashing (F) LED Light
  • Ethernet Data Logging available with RJ45 connector 
  • Wireless Inputs or Outputs available for remote signals or data logging


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