MST Strobe Light

Signaworks provides a broad range of LED Strobe Light and Xenon Flash Tube Strobe Lights with options for Audible Alarm for use in industrial applications as a warning light or signal light. Signaworks also has a full range of Industrial Signal Products, call us for help with your application.

Model Types

 MSTG  Ground Mounted Strobe 
 MSTM  NPT Male Thread Mounted Strobe
 MSTF  NPT Female Thread Mounted Strobe


  • Fully potted and sealed to dust, moisture, vibration and corrosion
  • Two hole bolt pattern, male and female pipe thread mounting
  • UL recognized file number AU2389 (12-80 VDC only)
  • Replaceable flash tube (MST-(voltage)-bulb)

Accessories & Options

  • Six foot cord plug for 110 VAC (add -LC to part number)

Ordering Information

 VOLTAGE  24 (12-24 VDC), 110 VAC
 COLOR  Amber, Red, Blue, Green, Clear
 ORDER EXAMPLE  MSTG-24-1A (Base Mount Strobe, 12-80 VDC, Amber)

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Replacement Bulbs

VOLTAGE   Part Numbers
 12-80V DC  MST-24-bulb 
 110V AC  MST-110-bulb