LP/LT Standard Strobe Light

The LP/LT Strobe Light is our standard strobe light. This light gives you bright xenon flash output in a compact package. The LP/LT strobe light is weatherproof and suitable for use in manufacturing, assembly, laboratory and office environments. 

Model Types

 LP Short standard strobe (2 watt) 
 LT  Tall standard strobe (5 watt)


  • Bright light with low power consumption
  • 500 mm (19.6 in) PVC jacketed leads
  • Transient voltage and reverse polarity protection
  • Multi-voltage (10-100 VDC, 20-72 VAC), 110 and 220 AC models
  • LP: 2 Watt output; LT: 5 Watt output (.5 and 1 watt available upon request)
  • IP67 rated (fully weatherproof), gasket included
  • All models are CE compliant
  • 12 month guarantee

Accessories & Options

  • Sealed mounting box for LP (FX1)
  • Base mount with screw terminals (FX2)
  • Wall mount bracket with screw terminals (FX40)

Ordering Information

 VOLTAGE  MV (10-100 VDC, 20-72 VAC), 110, 220
 COLOR  Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear
 ORDERING EXAMPLE  LP-MV/2-1R short strobe, multi-voltage, red

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 12V  130   255 
 24V  95   190 
110V AC  25  60 
220V AC  15  30