ASG Large Rotary Beacon

Signaworks provides a broad range of LED Strobe Light and Xenon Flash Tube Strobe Lights with options for Audible Alarm for use in industrial applications as a warning light or signal light. Signaworks also has a full range of Industrial Signal Products, call us for help with your application.

Model Types

 ASG  Rotary Signal Light 
 ASGB  Rotary Signal Light with buzzer 


  • Rotary driven light (130RPM)
  • Lenses are made of heat and shock resistant polycarbonate resin
  • IP20 (Dust Resistant) rated

Accessories & Options

  • Right angle wall bracket (DS-24)

Ordering Information

VOLTAGE 12, 24, 110, 220
 COLOR  Red, Amber, Green, Blue
 ORDERING EXAMPLE  ASG-24-1 Rotary Beacon, Ground Mount, 24 VDC

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Voltage Watt  Replacement Bulb 
12V AC/DC  5W  MLG-12-bulb 
 24V AC/DC 8W    MLG-24-bulb 
 110V AC 8W    MLG-110-bulb 
 220V AC 8W    MLG-220-bulb