LED Enclosure Light High Output

Model Types

QPHL300  Gen. purpose LED flood Light - 300m
QPHL400 Gen. purpose LED flood Light - 500m
QPHL500 Gen. purpose LED flood Ligh - 600m


  • Strong and durable against shock and vibration
  • Lighting function is similar to rays of the Sun excluded infrared rays and ultraviolet rays
  • 21mm slim style thickness improves the intensity of illumination and working environment
  • Impoves the intensity of illumination in vertical as slim size with 21mm thickness
  • Material : Lens-PC, Side cover-ABS, Heatsink- AL
  • Protection Ratings : IP65

Ordering Information

ordering Examples
QPL300 DC24V / 0.245A   - AC220V / 0.030A  DC: 138 Lux - AC: 138 Lux
QPL400 DC24V / 0.365A   - AC220V / 0.041A DC: 212 Lux - AC: 238 Lux
QPL500 DC24V / 0.480A   - AC220V / 0.055A DC: 280 Lux - AC: 323 Lux

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