LED Area Work Light

Model Types

QWL150  LED Indoor Working Lights - 150mm
QWL250 LED Indoor Working Lights  - 250mm
QML150 LED Indoor Working Lights w/ Frosted Lens  - 150mm
QML250 LED Indoor Working Lights w/ Frosted Lens - 250mm
 H High Output Light (QWHL250-QBK01 
QBK01  3 Hole triangular Mounting
QBK02 4 Hole square Mounting + hole for wire
QBK03 Swivel Mounting


  • High luminance SMD LED offers a strong level of illumination in a large space
  • Glare shield tempered glass is employed for improving anti-dazzle and shock resistance
  • Die casting aluminum structure is resistant to vibration, impact and heat
  • Oil resistant cable is applied for machine tools exposed to cutting oil
  • Compact size and possible to be installed in a limited space
  • IP 67 rating is suitable for using in the environment with oil, dust and metal chips 
  • Material : Body-AL, Lens-Tempered Glass
  • Lux : 450 Lux at 1m
  • Protection Class : IP67

Ordering Information

ordering Examples: (Q - W/M - *H - L - 150/250 - *QBK0(1,2,3))
qWSL150 DC24V / 0.6A  DC: 450 Lux at 1m
QWSL250 DC24V / 0.245A   DC: 1800 Lux at 1m
QML150 DC24V / 0.58A DC: 520 Lux at 1m
QML250 DC24V / 1.35A DC: 1,047 Lux at 1m

*H: High Output Light

W/M:  W - Clear Glass, M - White/Frosted Glass

150/250: 150mm, 250mm Length

*QBK0(1,2,3):  QBK01 - 3 hole mounting bracket, QBK02 - 4 hole + 1 for wire mounting bracket, QBK03 - Swivel Mounting Bracket

* - Optional Features


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