Dock Bay Signs Aluminum Dock Signs

These dock signs are designed to communicate entry and exit at a dock bay and work in conjunction with a dock light system. Safely communicate to the truck driver that he can safely exit, and to the workers inside when it is safe to enter the truck. The exterior sign is made from a heavy gauge aluminum and is designed to hold up to inclement weather for years. The interior sign is a 9"x12" plastic sign for cost efficiency. 

The other sign is a 10"x14" "Driver Must Chock Wheels" Laminated Aluminum Sign. This works well to mark where the chocks are places and to remind drivers that their wheels must be always chocked while docked.

Model Types

SIGN-GREEN-M  12" x 18" "Depart on Green Only" Aluminum Sign
SIGN-GREEN-P 10" x 14" "Enter on Green Only" Plastic Sign
SIGN-CHOCK-M 14" x 10" "Driver Must Chock Wheels" Aluminum Sign


  • Pre-drilled corner holes for easy installation
  • High visibility
  • 3M weatherproof inks for longevity and durability
  • Aluminum signs are 40 mils thick