H3D-M Analogue Timer

The H3D-M is an adjustable, analogue timer with single shot activation.

Model Types

H3D-M Multi-Function Analogue Timer


  • AC/DC 12V~240V
  • On-delay Control contact OFF-delay Interval 
  • 7 output modes: On-delay,¬†Control contact OFF-delay, Interval, Trailing edge interval, Flasher starting with ON, Flasher starting with OFF, Single shot
  • Thin body design at 17.5mm
  • UL listed and CE certified

Accessories & Options

  • Trailing edge interval Flasher starting with ON Flasher starting with OFF Single shot
  • 7 time ranges: 1s / 10s / 100s / 10m / 100m / 10h / 100h

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