Large LED Up Timer

Signaworks makes a broad range of Industrial Timers, Counter, clocks, Production Pace Timers, Cycle Timers, Downtime Monitors and can custom design a simple solution to your application.

Model Types

L102SUT-110-6-4  6.0"  Production Timer, Times Up or Down
L102SUT-110-8-4  8.0"   Production Timer, Times Up or Down


  • High Brightness LED display with four digits
  • Displays real-time production information
  • Terminals for on/off input
  • Momentary input for reset to 00:00
  • Up timer set for MM:SS or HH:MM
  • Mounting bracket included for wall or ceiling mount
  • On-board power supply for photo-eye, push button, etc. input
  • Factory service One-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • Six foot power cord
  • NEMA 1


  • Power Source 120VAC @ 60Hz 
  • Power Consumption Max. 6 Watts 
  • Current Draw 1.0-3.0 amps

Accessories & Options

  • Optional control box with 10 feet of cable for run & reset
  • Optional battery backup for time memory upon loss of power
  • Relay output to activate an alarm, light, etc. when unit reaches preset value
  • Optional RS232/RS485 for serial output

Ordering Information

 Model Type L102SUT 
 Voltage 110V 
 Number Height 6", 8" 
 Number of digits
 Timing option M=MM:SS, H=HH:MM 
Ordering Example

Part Number for 6", MM:SS


Part Number for 8", HH:MM


Also availabe in 2.3" ( L106SUDT-110-4-2 ) and 4" ( L106SUDT-110-4-4 ) Digits

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