8 inch LED Solar Traffic Light 8 inch LED Flashing Solar Powered Traffic Light, Smart Controller, Alternating Flash

This is an 8 inch Amber Flashing LED Traffic Light with Battery Power and Solar Charging. This is a great solution for Crosswalks, Slow Areas or as a Warning Sign for Areas where Heightened Caution is needed. If the Area does not have Power or Running Power would be difficult, the Solar Charging and Battery Power offer an Easy and Efficient Solution both for Installation and Operation.

Model Types

TL8-DC-1AF-Solarbat 8" Amber Single Flashing Solar Traffic Light 
tl8-dc-2aaf-solarbat  8" Amber Dual Alternating Flash Solar Light


  • Amber LED Light Flashes 35 times per minute
  • Battery lasts for 5 Days on Full Charge
  • Durable UV Resistant Polycarbonate Housing 
  • Visible up to 500m away
  • Back Mounted Bracket for Easy Installation
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • IP55 rated for outdoor use
  • Battery
    10 W Battery Capacity
    10 Year Normal Working Battery Life

  • Solar Panel:
    Solar Panel Capacity: 6.6 Ah/12 V
    3 Year Normal Working Solar Panel Life

  • LEDs:
    90 LEDs per light
    Wave Length: 590 ± 5nm
    Viewing Angle: 30°
    Light Intensity: ≥360cde
    Normal Working Life: 80,000 hours

Ordering Information

Working Temperature  –30°C ~  70°C
Flashing Frequency  35 ± flashes/minute 
Working Time on Full Charge  5 days 
Working Voltage  12V 
Power  ≤5W 
Protection Grade  IP65 
Visual Distance   ≥1600ft
Housing Material  PC, UV Resistant 
Installation Method  Back Mounted Bracket