12 Inch LED Traffic Light - Industrial 12 Inch LED Industrial Traffic Light & Dock Bay Light

The TL12 is our standard 12 inch (300mm) LED Industrial Traffic Light. The sturdy poly carbonate housing gives this LED traffic light durability in harsh weather environments. The TL12 is suited for use in truck dock bays, fork lift intersections, roads & parking lots. It has 168 bright LED's to ensure maximum visibility. 


Model Types

TL12-2 12 inch, 2 light section, Traffic Light
TL12-3 12 inch, 3 light section, Traffic Light
TL12-1XA 12 inch, 1 light, Red X & Green Arrow, Traffic Light


  • 168 LED's per light section provides excellent brightness
  • Durable GE UV resistant poly carbonate housing for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Moisture and dust tight multilayer seal protect lenses from the elements 
  • IP55 rated for outdoor use
  • Up to 90% of energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs 
  • Over 500,000 hours of usage
  • All models are CE compliant
  • Two steel right angle mounting brackets Included
  • Standard color sequence: 1: red, 2: red-green, 3: red-yellow-green

Accessories & Options

  • Other Color Sequences Available
  • Flashing
  • Power Cord 
  • Wireless Traffic Light
  • Motion Sensor Activated Light
  • Custom Light & Control Designs

Ordering Information

 VOLTAGE  85-265 VAC | 12-24 VDC
COLOR Red, Yellow, Green
 ORDERING EXAMPLE  TL12-AC-2-RG | 12 Inch Traffic Light, 85-265 VAC, 2-light Red & Green

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12V AC/DC  80 mA 
 24V AC/DC 40 mA 
110V AC 20 mA 
220V AC 20 mA