Wall Plate LED Pilot Lights & Switches

Model Types

 WP22I Ivory Wall Plate LED Pilot Light 
 WP22W White Wall Plate LED Pilot Light
 WP22B Black Wall Plate LED Pilot Light


  • Affordable Visual Communication tool for Office or Factory
  • Plates available in Gloss Black, Ivory, or White
  • Flexible polycarbonate wall plates for single or 2 gang wall box
  • Machined for mounting 1 or 2 operators per plate
  • NEW Super Bright 22mm LED in Red, Amber, Green, White, Blue
  • Two or Three position selector switches or push button switch
  • Audible alarm with LED in continuous or intermittent
  • Standard styles or call for custom configurations available
  • 12, 24 VDC or 110 VAC input with screw terminal connection
  • Ideal for new construction or a retrofit

Accessories & Options

  • 5 Super bright LED colors (Red, Amber, Green, White, Blue) 20mA
  • 22mm Audible Alarm available
  • 2 or 3 position Selector Switch
  • Marking labels beside Lights
  • You dream it, we build it!

Ordering Information

 Model Types WP22I, WP22W, WP22B
 Voltage  12, 24, 110
 Number of Lights  1, 2
 Number of Switches  1, 2
 Number of Audible Alarms  1, 2
 Colors of LED Pilot Lights  R, A, G, B, W (for Red, Amber, Green Blue, White)
Ordering Example WP22W-110-200-RA (White wall plate, 110VAC, 2 LED Pilot Lights, Red, Amber)

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