Selector Switches

Model Types

KS-2BRS-BW-2 2 Position Industrial Selector Switches Knob
KS-2BRS-BW-3 Position Industrial Selector Switches Knob


  • Industrial rated push buttons
  • Barbed nut keeps switch from rotating
  • UL recognized, CE & TUV approval
  • Easy to install
  • Large screw termination
  • Plastic housing & contact blocks
  • Permanent fixed bezel
  • Easily add and remove contact blocks

Accessories & Options

  • Additional normaly open (N.O.) contact block (CBA)
  • Additional normaly closed (N.C.) contact block (CBB)

Selector Switches

KS-2BRS-BW-2-10S - 2-Position Selector Switches Knob & 1 N.O. Contact


 Mounting Position 

 Contacts   Operator Position   Catalog No. Maintained 
Knob 1 1 N.O.  O  X KS-2BRS-BW-2-10S 
Knob 1 1 N.C.  X  O KS-2BRS-BW-2-01S 
Knob 1 1 N.C. X KS-2BRS-BW-2-11S 

KS-2BRS-BW-3-20S - 3-Position Selector Switches Knob & 2 N.O. Contact

 Style   Mounting Position   Contacts   Operator Position   Catalog No. Maintained 
Knob 1 2 N.O. O O KS-2BRS-BW-3-20S
Knob 1 2 N.C. O X KS-2BRS-BW-3-02S 
Knob 1 2 N.O. O O KS-2BRS-BW-3-22S 
Knob 1 2 N.O. X O O KS-2BRS-BW-3L-20S
Knob 1 2 N.C. O X X KS-2BRS-BW-3L-02S
Knob 1 2 N.O. X O O KS-2BRS-BW-3L-22S

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Ordering Information

CONTACT BLOCKS (A)(B)S - A = Number of N.O. Contacts, B = Number of N.C. Contacts
ORDERING EXAMPLE KS-2BRS-BW-2-10S Industrial Black / White Selector Switch, 2 N.O. Contacts