Pilot Light AC

Model Types

KL-2BRR  Round Flat Lens 
KL-2BRD Round Dome Lens
KL-2BSS Square Flat Lens
KL-2BDRDR Arrow Lens


Pilot Light End Diagram

Ordering Information

Style  Voltage  Suitable Lamp Catalog No. 
Primary Secondary
Round Flat Lens 120V AC 5.5V AC
BA9S-T1-6.3V 1W KL-2BRR (1)-A1S
220V AC  KL-2BRR (1)-A3S 
Round Dome Lens 120V AC KL-2BRD (1)-A1S
220V AC KL-2BRD (1)-A3S
Square Flat Lens   120V AC KL-2BSS (1)-A1S
220V AC KL-2BSS (1)-A3S 
Arrow Lens 120V AC KL-2BDRDR (1)-A1S 
220V AC KL-2BDRDR (1)-A3S 

Add -LED to the end of any Catalog Number to upgrade to LED. Example: KL-2BRR (1)-A1S-LED

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Pilot Light Push Button DC