Audible Alarm

Model Types

KB-2BAFS  22mm Alarm Buzzer 
SZ3C-XX  30mm Alarm Buzzer 



  • Designed for through-the-door use
  • Select Intermittent or Continuous sound, with jumper
  • Small size with loud sound
  • Low current consumption
  • Universal voltage


  • Designed for through-the-door use
  • Small size with loud sound — 87db at 1 meter
  • Gray plastic body with chrome colored bezel
  • Screw terminal connection
  • Voltage: 12, 24 VDC, 110 VAC


  AC Type  DC Type 
Operating Temperature -25°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity  45 - 85% RH
Voltage Range  AC90 - 240V 50/60Hz  AC/DC 12-24 V
Current Consumption  70mA @ 240V 60mA @ 24V 
Noise Level: -0.1m  Min. 80dB
                     -1.0m Min. 60dB
Isolation Voltage AC, DC 60V from base to connection
Dielectric Strength  AC, 1800V for one minute  
Insulation Resistance  DC 100V 50M ohms  
Life  500 hours of continuous use  

Ordering Information

Audible Alarm Buzzer Chart

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