Sonos Electronic Audible Alarm 102 or 106dB


  • Voltage 9-60V DC / 110V-230V AC
  • Smooth flow cabling for faster installation
  • Up to 106 dB (A) at 1 meter
  • Simple 'First Fix' installation
  • Weatherproof to IP65 (deep base units)
  • Synchronised alarm tones
  • Volume control - 20dB
  • LPCB, VdS & NF Approved (DC only)


Ordering Information

PART NO. Color Base  Sound
Voltage Current 
18-980480  Red   Deep  106dB (A)* 110/230V AC   50mA  
 18-980481 White Deep  106dB (A)*  110/230V AC   50mA 
 18-980450 Red    Shallow  106dB (A)* 9-60V DC  4-41mA  
 18-980475 White  Shallow  106dB (A)* 9-60V DC  4-41mA  
 18-980451 Red    Deep  106dB (A)* 9-60V DC 4-41mA  
18-980476  White Deep 106dB (A)* 9-60V DC  4-41mA  
* - Audible from 1 meter away 
 EN54 compliant at 17-60V
 Other color/combinations are available on request

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