SONF1 Audible Alarm Sounder UL

Model Types

SONF1  Alarm Sounder 


  • Max Output 112dB (A) at 1 meter (105dB typical)
  • 10 selectable tones
  • Automatic synchronisation on multi-sounder system.
  • Continuously rated.
  • Stainless steel fixings.
  • Mounting via internal BESA compatible fixing positions (standard version) or via external mounting lugs.
  • Duplicate cable terminations (in & out for daisy-chain installations).
  • Tropicalisation available on request.
  • Available with custom tone configurations and frequencies

Ordering Information

 Part No. Tones  Voltage  Current 
SONF1DC24[X] 10 10-30V dc 25mA
SONF1AC24[x] 10  50/60Hz +/-10% 40mA 
SONF1AC115[x] 10  50/60Hz +/-10% 13mA 
SONF1AC230[x] 10  50/60Hz +/-10% 13mA 

A100 Back Box with Mounting Lugs:

SONF1DC24A[X] 10 10-30V dc 25mA
SONF1AC24A[X] 10  50/60Hz +/-10% 40mA 
SONF1AC115A[X] 10  50/60Hz +/-10% 13mA 
SONF1AC230A[X] 10  50/60Hz +/-10% 13mA 

[X] - substitute [X] for G (Grey), R (Red), or W (White)

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