Motor Driven Sirens 103-120dB

Model Types

Mini Mono P  Motor Driven Sirens 103db 
Mono 72 Motor Driven Sirens 120db 


  • High quality siren sound
  • Bayonet mounting plate for ease of installation
  • Choice of voltages
  • Low voltage DC and high voltage AC for use in all applications

Ordering Information

 Part No. Color  Sound  Voltage  Current 
18-980224  Grey  Up to 103dB (A)  12V DC  1A 
18-980226  Grey  Up to 103dB (A)  24V DC  500mA 
18-980228  Grey  Up to 100dB (A)  110/230V AC 130/90mA 
18-980201 Red/Black Up to 120dB (A)  24V DC 4.6A 
18-980203  Red/Black  Up to 120dB (A)  110V AC/DC 3A (AC)/2.7A (DC) 
18-980205  Red/Black  Up to 120dB (A) 230V AC/DC  1.4A (AC)/1.2A(DC) 

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Audio Tones

Mini Mono P Mono 72