Fork Truck Backup Alarm (107dB) Fork Lift Backup Alarm (107 dB)

The Fork Truck Backup Alarm is a precautionary alert for Forklift Trucks in Warehouse or Dock Bay Environments. It sounds a 107dB alarm when the forklift truck is put in reverse, cutting through a noisy warehouse environment, warning pedestrians and increasing the effectiveness of a warehouse safety system.

Model Types

FTBUALARm-DC  Fork Truck Backup Alarm, 107dB, 12, 24, 48 VDC


  • 107 dB Intermittent Backup Alarm
  • Adjustable Mounting Slots on Bottom & Back
  • 2 Wiring Options
  • Mounting Slot Grounding Bracket for Easy 1 Wire Installation
  • Fully Potted Electrical Circuit
  • Can be used for any vehicle
  • Voltage: 12–80 VDC
  • Current: 400mA @ 12 VDC