BC3B / BI3B Piezo Buzzer 90dB

The BC3B and BI3B are 30mm panel mount Piezo Resistive Audible Alarms that are great high frequency alarm for close proximity or low volume environments.

Model Types

 BC3B Continuous, 30mm Panel Alarm 
 BI3B  Intermittent, 30mm Panel Alarm


  • 30 mm Panel Mount Audible Alarm
  • Alarm mounts through back of cabinet with threaded front nut
  • 90 dB at 30 cm, 2900 +/- 500Hz (high frequency)
  • Screw terminal connection
  • Black body and bezel
  • Adjustable volume when used with BC3B-Shutter

Accessories & Options

  • Volume adjustment front bezel available (BC3B-Shutter)

Ordering Information

 MODEL TYPE BC3B - (voltage), BI3B - (voltage) 
 VOLTAGE  12, 24, 110, 220

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