D1X S1R Cl1Div1, Audible Alarm UL Cl 1 Div 1, Audible Alarm 115dB

      115dB(A) alarm horn. The D1xS1R is a high output alarm horn sounder with an omnidirectional, radial horn. Low current consumption and high SPL in a robust Type 4/4X, IP66 marine grade, corrosion proof aluminium enclosure ensure the D1xS1R is suitable for all Class I & II Division 1, Zone 1 & 20 explosion proof signaling applications. The 24V dc version is approved for public mode fire alarm use and the 110-240V ac version for general signaling use.

Model Types

D1x S1R Radial Alarm Horn Sounder


  • High output, up to 115dB(A)
  • Public mode fire alarm use
  • 4 remotely selectable alarm stages/channels
  • Positive or negative line stage/channel switching
  • Choice of 64 alarm tone frequencies
  • Automatic synchronisation on multi-sounder system
  • Continuously rated
  • Compact form factor
  • Robust corrosion proof aluminium enclosure
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Triple cable entries
  • Duplicate cable terminations (in & out for daisy-chain installations)
  • Available with custom tone configurations and frequencies
  • UL Approval, Class 1 & 2 Division 1

Accessories & Options


Ordering Information

Product Code (0) D1xS1
Horn (1) R (omni-direction radial buzzer)
 Voltage (2)  DC024 (20-28V dc) , AC115 (115-120V ac) , AC230 (220-240V ac)
Cable Type (3) A (1x1/2'NPT & 2 x M20 x 1.5mm), B (1x1/2'NPT & 2 x 1/2'NPT), C (1x1/2'NPT & 2 x 3/4'NPT)
Adaptor Mat. (4) (Brass), (Nickel Plated), (Stainless Steel)
Bracket Mat. (5) 1 (A2 304 Stainless Steel), 2 (A4 316 Stainless Steel)
Product Version (6) A1 ( Gas env. Class I) , D1 (Dust env. Class II)
Enclosure Color (7) G (Grey), R (Red)
Lens Color (8) R (Red), A (Amber), G (Green), B (Blue), C (Clear), Y (Yellow), M (Magenta)

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