SNE - Explosion Proof Warning Light

Model Types

SNE-S  Xenon Strobe Beacon
SNE-L LED Steady/Flashing Beacon
SNE-SB Xenon Strobe Beacon w/ Buzzer
SNE-LB LED Steady/Flashing Beacon w/ Buzzer


  • Explosion-proof warning light manufactured with the structure of high brightness xenon strobe lamp.
  • Small and light Al housing product of Long durability and anti-corrosion 
  • Equipped with protection cage to protect lens from external contact or damage
  • Suitable for a place where exists the risk of explosion such as petrochemical plant, powder plant, gas equipments etc.
  • Lamp of connector type whose replacement is easy
  • Lens Color :  R-Red,  A-Amber,  G-Green,  B-Blue 
  • Flashes : 60~80/min.
  • Standard body Color : MUNSELL NO : 7.5 BG 7/2
  • Material : Lens-Explosion Proof Tempered Glass, Body-DIECAST Al
     Lens Filter--PC, Protection Cage-SUS
  • Certificate : KIMM
  • Explosion-Proof Protection Class : Ex d ⅡC T6, IP66

Ordering Information

SNE-S 12V dc  1.260A 
24V dc  0.880A 
110V ac  0.190A 
220V ac  .0130A 
SNE-L 12V dc 0.410A
24V dc 0.490A
110V ac 0.150A
220V ac 0.070A
SNE-SB 12V dc 2.240A
24V dc 1.440A
110V ac 0.321A
220V ac 0.156A
SNE-LB 12V dc 1.330A
24V dc 1.100A
110V ac 1.386A
220V ac 0.189A

Ordering Example

Model #  Tone  Voltage  Color 
 SNE-S  - 24   R (red)
SNE-LB WM 110 G (green)

Examples - (SNE-S 24 R) or (SNE-LB WM 110 G)

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(WM) - Warning Melodies

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Sweet Home 
Ch. 2 For Elise 
Ch. 3 Cuckoo's Waltz 
Ch. 4 Piano Sonata 
Ch. 5 Turkish March               

(WA) - Warning Alarms

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Beep. intermittent
Ch. 2 Door Chime
Ch. 3 Phone Ring Sound 
Ch. 4 PI.PI.PI. Short Interval  
Ch. 5 Tripping Bead Sound