Production Pace Timer 3 Line 2723

Model Types

PPT2723  3 Line, 6 Digit, 2.3'' Production Pace Timer 


  • Incrementing Goal, Acutal, Dev, Downtime
  • Programmable Pace/Takt via Keypad
  • Hold and Reset Buttons
  • 24VDC Logic Input: Count, Hold, Reset, Down from built-in power supply
  • RS485 PC Connect-Free Monitoring Software
  • 2.3 Inch Digit - 100 foot view

Accessories & Options

  • Retro-reflective photo kit with run/hold switch box (PPT-031)
  • Manual count and run/hold box (PPT-051)



The "GOAL" field displays a realtime running goal
auto incrementing from operator entered pace while
the unit is in run mode. This field can optionally
display a static non-changing goal value if customer
enters a goal value register and leaves the unit in a
hold state.

The "ACTUAL" field is the current actual count of
pieces processed by the line. This field is reset to
zero by operator at the start of the shift and counts up
as parts are completed via 24VDC contact closure
from customer's PLC, sensor or switch output

The "DEVIATION" field shows the quantity of units
production is ahead of or behind schedule. Positive
numbers indicate production is ahead of schedule,
negative numbers indicate that production is behind

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