BBK50 4 in 1 LED Bingo Board BBK50 4 in 1 LED Status Indicator Bingo Board

Model Types

BBk50 4 in 1 LED Status Indicator Bingo Board


  • LED Andon display for Lean Manufacturing > Super bright LED lamps for exceptional visibility 
  • Viewable from the front or side angle 
  • LED Display with multiple color output
  • Customized layout & lettering to meet your production requirements 
  • Sealed plastic enclosure for 1 inch LED pilot light display 
  • Discrete voltage input available in 24 VDC, 110 VAC BB1 (1” LED inline design) 
  • Wall or desk mount options

Accessories & Options

  • Wireless transmission of signals optional for use with AWTL wireless andon light 
  • LED timers for downtime, cycle time or change over time monitoring 
  • LED counter for event monitoring 
  • Audible alarms or Music system 
  • PC serial interface to store date in Excel spreadsheet or database 
  • Double sided or duplicates

Ordering Information

INPUT  24, 110, WR (wireless receiver)
NUMBER OF LED ROWS  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
CUSTOMIZATION  (Customer abbreviation with number)

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