Voice & Music Alarm

The Voice and Music Alarm gives you the ability to have an audible and visual indicator incorporating melodies or voice. The audible and visual portion of this unit are customizable to include any of the products we offer. 

Model Types

AMB  Message Box 
AMBS  Message Box with Incandescent Light 
AMBL  Message Box with LED Light 
AMBX  Message Box with Strobe Light 


  • Recorded message, music, or alarm plays upn input
  • 5V, 12V, 24V, 110V, or 220V input
  • Standard 110VAC via 8ft power cord
  • Music, pre-recorded message or customer supplied .wav file
  • Message length up to __minutes

Accessories & Options

  • Second message available by internal switch (1 message at a time)
  • Various speaker sizes available
  • Synchronize messages to additional boxes
  • Any visual signal products available on box
  • Ethernet Data Logging available with RJ45 connector 
  • Wireless Inputs or Outputs available for remote signals or data logging


Ordering Information

Voltage  110VAC Standard (5, 12, 24,VDC, 220 VAC available) 
Number of Lights  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
Colors  Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear 

Ordering Example:
AMBL-110-1R (LED, 110V, Red)

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