SHLA Hopper & Tank Level Alarm 1

The SHLA gives you the ability to have an audible and visual indication of a sensor's status with the ability to silence the audible until the sensor is clear. The audible and visual portion of this unit are customizable to include any of the products we offer. 

Model Types

 SHLA Hopper Level Alarm Assembly 
 STLA Temperature Alarm Assembly 
 SHTLA Hopper and Temperature Alarm


  • Standard or Custom Alarm Assemblies
  • Hopper level alarm with 18mm or 30 mm capacitive sensor
  • Rotary beacon or flasher with 90 dB audible alarm
  • Alarm acknowledgment circuit with automatic reset
  • Power Cord and polycarbonate enclosure

Accessories & Options

  • On/off switch
  • Voltage input (use your own sensor)
  • Mounting feet
  • Penumatic solenoid for automatic feeders
  • Temperature alarms for dryers, etc.
  • Strobe light
  • Customize to your specifications
  • Ethernet Data Logging available with RJ45 connector 
  • Wireless Inputs or Outputs available for remote signals or data logging

Ordering Information

 VOLTAGE  24, 110

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