Downtime Monitor Tower Light

The Downtime Monitor Tower Light adds downtime tracking to your andon light. It gives you the ability to monitor and track the downtime of manufacturing or assembly cells and recognize problem areas for lean manufacturing.

Model Types

ADTL  Tower Light Indicator LED 


  • Visual indicator for downtime condition
  • LED tower light signals downtime
  • Timer Tracks time per occurence or automatic time
  • 110VAC via 8 foot 3 prong power cord

Accessories & Options

  • Manual, Automatic, or keyed time reset
  • Flashing (F) and Buzzer(B) or both (Z) at the end of cycle
  • Extended cable between switch and light box
  • RS485 link for logging events to PC
  • Link monitor to supervisor, maintenance, engineering, ect.
  • Optional Ethernet data logging to collect time stamp or event data - Free PC Software
  • Optional Wireless communication to bingo board or flatscreen
  • Ethernet Data Logging available with RJ45 connector
  • Wireless inputs or outputs available for remote signals or data logging

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