ST2 Super Slim Tower Lights

The ST2 is our Slimline Andon Tower Light. It is 25mm in diameter with a sleek appearance. The ST2 is suited for use in offices, pieces of equipment, manufacturing floors, assembly areas and laboratories. 

Model Types

 ST2 Continuous light 


  • Pre-wired and pre-assembled with threaded base nut and lock washer
  • Lenses are made of heat and shock resistant polycarbonate resin
  • Rust and corrosion-proof anodized aluminum tower body
  • Special bulb design provides a very high intensity light
  • Unit can be directly mounted in a flat surface with a single hole
  • IP20 rated (dust resistant)
  • Standard color sequence: 1: red, 2: red-green, 3: red-amber-green, 4: red-amber-green-blue, 5: red-amber-green-blue-clear,

Accessories & Options

  • Right angle mounting bracket (NT-100)
  • Custom lens color sequence

Ordering Information

 VOLTAGE  12, 24, 110, 220
 NUMBER OF LIGHTS  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
 EXAMPLE  ST2-24-3 Continuous, 24V AC/DC, 3-light

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12V AC/DC   2W  ST2-12-BULB 
24V AC/DC   2W   ST2-24-BULB
110V AC  3W   ST2-110-BULB 
220V AC   3W   ST2-220-BULB