LED 80 Small Strobe Light

Signaworks provides a broad range of Xenon Flash Tube Strobe Lights and LED Strobe Light with options for Audible Alarm for use in industrial applications as a warning light or signal light. Signaworks also has a full range of Industrial Signal Products including LED Tower Light, LED Andon Light, LED Strobe, Audible Alarm, Wireless Andon and Tower Light, Production Pace Timer Counter, Industiral LED Timer Counter, Push Button, Selector Switch, LED Pilot Light, explosion proof strobe & Audible Alarm, Production Bingo Board Display System and many other Lean Manufacturing Signal Products with Kaizen Kanban and JIT Boards and Displays.

Model Types

LED80 LED 80 Strobe Light


  • LED long life
  • Extra bright
  • Continuously rate
  • Wide operating voltage
  • 180° visibility
  • Economical

Accessories & Options

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