4 Inch Red & Green Dock Bay Door Light Signaling System

The SG Series is our Red/Green Loading Dock Bay Door Light. This signaling system is a large, highly visible indicator for signaling trucks and loading/unloading crews. 

Model Types

TL4-2 4 inch, 2 light section, LED Dock Bay/Traffic Light
Tl8-1 8 inch, 1 light section, Red & Green, Dock Bay/Traffic Light
TL8-2 8 inch, 2 light section, Red & Green, Dock Bay/Traffic Light
TL8-1XA 8 inch, 1 light , Red X & Green Arrow, Dock Bay/Traffic Light


  • 45 LED's per light section provides excellent brightness
  • Durable aluminum housing for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Moisture and dust tight multilayer seal protect lenses from the elements 
  • IP 65 rated, waterproof housing
  • Up to 90% of energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs 
  • Over 100,000 hours of usage
  • All models are CE compliant
  • Includes bracket for various mounting options

Accessories & Options

  • Switch & power cord
  • Wireless hand-held transmitter
  • Wireless stationary transmitter
  • Cycle timer functionality

Ordering Information

 VOLTAGE  AC (85-265 VAC -Standard), 12VDC
COLOR Red, Green
 ORDERING EXAMPLE  TL8-AC-2-RG | 8 Inch Dock Bay Light, 85-265 VAC, 2-light Red & Green


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